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TabHandler Customer Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have said about their Tabhandler:

"Absolutely amazing product! I would have paid triple this price for the simple fact that I can angle it any way that I want either to avoid glare or just for comfort (i.e. Netflix). Simply genius invention! Well done!" - JG

"Got one of those ipad handles from you guys last week. If somebody took it away from me now, I would just give up using the Ipad.
Not only a great idea, it is manufactured to high standards." - RL

"The TabHandler has greatly improved and increased my family's use of our iPad. Its simplicity, utility, and elegant design makes it a perfect match for a flagship Apple product. After 6 months of heavy use our TabHandler is showing no sign of wear and tear, and our hands, arms, shoulders, and necks are feeling way better from improved ergonomics. This is a no brainer must have product that you'll be very happy having!" - MS

"The Tab Handler is an excellent product - I believe it’s the most ergonomic of the handles out there." -JC

...All test users preferred your TabHandler because it feels good ergonomic for both patients and caregivers. And It is easy to disinfect according to hospital rules." - KM

"I've been searching the net for weeks to find either a good case with a handle, or an attachable handle for my iPad mini. Yours is the best of the bunch!" - JS

"The TabHandler is the best and most useful iPad handle I’ve tried." - CS

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