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TabHandler provides an elegant solution to holding or supporting your iPad or other tablet.

It has the following features:

  • functions as both a stand and a handle for all iPads and most other tablets

  • easily attaches to all iPad and iPad mini models, including the iPad Pro (both sizes), most other tablets, as well as to hard shell backs and cases

  • has a sleek, ergonomic design, weighing only 2 ounces

  • rotates 360 degrees for viewing in portrait or landscape position

  • adjusts to any angle as a desk stand, eliminating glare

  • unfolds to a low angle for comfortable typing

  • comfortably supports tablet in your lap for effortless reading while seated or in bed

  • easily sterilized for use in hospital settings

  • enables even the elderly to securely hold a tablet in one hand without muscle strain or risk of dropping tablet

  • helps stabilize and raise height of tablet over the heads of a crowd when taking photos and videos

  • compatible with iPad Smart cover

  • protects the back of the tablet from scratches & dents

  • may be quickly removed for travel

  • can be transferred easily to another tablet when you upgrade, no need to buy a new stand or handle

  • designed and manufactured in the USA

iPad Stand

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Designed and manufactured in the USA
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